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Gibson EB3L restoration overview. This project started in 2004 when I bought an EB3L custom bass on ebay from a seller in Canada. The bass had few original features - no original parts except tuning keys and no logo, serial number or original finish. 05.10.2016 · I have found these long scale vintage basses, and fallen in love I want to put flats on, do the BEAD thing and get the mud bass. or in the case of the eb4l-the more defined mud bass suggestions of videos and pictures welcome. Will they take.130 or.125 bead b strings through the gibson. 1970 Gibson bass bass catalogue, page 3. The EB0 and EB3 basses were redesigned in late 1969; the main change being a slotted headstock with back facing banjo-style tuning keys. But for the first time these basses were also available as long 34" scale instruments. This page shows the Gibson EB3L bass that had just been launched, and also. 22.03.2013 · I have a 1970 Gibson EB3L bass for sale. This is one of the very earliest longscale EB3s produced; WITHOUT the made in USA, so produced in late 1969/early 1970 This is a players grade bass that I have restored. It sounds absolutely beautiful and plays very nicely, though there are some cosmetic i. One other bass appears in this series, although it is in the 1970 Les Paul brochure, rather than the Bass brochure - the Gibson Les Paul bass. The 1970 Gibson bass guitar catalogue featured the following guitars. Click on the images for full size versions, or click on the model names below to go directly to that page Basses: Gibson EB1 Gibson EB3L.

05.10.2019 · I have one of these bass guitars, although I really wanted an SG bass but having tried one it wasn't for me having been spoilt by the EB3L many years ago! What a delight it is, lots of tonal variation, loads of punch, this is a plain Jane with a huge sound!P bass sounds, J bass sounds, no problem, heavy low end Gibson sounds, it's there on tap. Gibson Vintage Bass Guitars. Gibson is a well-known musical instrument company in the United States, with origins dating back to the 1890s. They are known for their acoustic and electric stringed instruments, primarily in guitars and mandolins. 24.04.2009 · my vintage Gibson EB-3L Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by whitespike, Apr 22. I use a slotted headstock EB3L live quite a lot - different rigs seem to throw out a different sound - seemingly unpredictably. I suspect these old EB basses react to different shaped rooms. Sometimes the mud is instantly lost in the mix, sometimes it is clear as you want. Sometimes the bridge pickup.

Seriously fantastic condition for its age. Only a small amount of rash which I tried to get in the photos. Comes with what appears to be the OHSC. I can take photos of case if needed. It’s also quite nice. Lovely slotted headstock. Plays like a dream. Pots and switches are a tad scratchy. 16.08.2017 · I mean, DAMN! No matter what you think about its sound, you've got to admit it looks incredible. However, when Hi-Fi slappy bass sounds and futuristic-looking instruments started to become popular towards the end of the 70's, the dark, chunky tone of the EB-3 went massively out of style and it has since become quite possibly the most detested bass guitar ever made, being considered. 14.09.2008 · This is a 1972 Gibson EB3L, the long scale version of the gibson bass made famous by Jack Bruce. The body is mahogany and the neck is maple with a rosewood fingerboard, the frets are in great condition, neck straight with no issues and no neck breaks or repairs anywhere. The bass. 15.09.2014 · He changed the listing and description immediately, and even added pics to show the modifications. Given that it's not an EB4L anymore or a real EB3L, I think it's priced a bit high; but If it sells now, no one should be disappointed. Someone did a nice job on the conversion, and it should be a great sounding bass.

Email or call for an appointment Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars Ltd - Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 By appointment Description: 1961 Gibson EB3, Cherry finish and original case. It's missing the palm rest and string mute but otherwise original. This bass does have some wear and tear. Most notably when we got the bass there was a crack in the body. 01.09.2006 · My neighbors father recently died, and she is now the owner of a Gibson EB-3L bass supposedly given/sold to her father from a member of 60s band Moby Grape. Looks like an SG but a bass. Shes wondering what to do with it and how much it.

SG basses - short and full scale I really like these electric bass guitar 5156 fender bass guitars that are the best! I have the Epiphone version of the left one 💖 The short scale length of the Gibson SG Standard Bass solidbody electric bass is perfect for the fat, full thump that made this one of the most prized vintage designs out there. A. GIBSON EB-3L Electric Bass Guitar Free Shipping Description Used but in Good condition.Free ship.There are paint peeling at the body.There are hints of usage such as scratches, dent marks, stains, and dullness of the metal parts, but it functions well.Please see pics for reference. Ref A gorgeous Cherry Mahogany Gibson L bass with original soft shell case. SG-style bass with 1 humbucking pickup and a Ref 00556: A gorgeous '72/'73 Cherry Mahogany Gibson EB-4 L bass with original soft shell case.

04.05.2013 · My dear fellows, I am experiencing the following problem with my EB3L: One day the neck is perfectly straight, on the next day, it is buzzing on the 1st string! lump Since I have lowered its action AND managed to have the neck straight, without buzzing, this problem has become more pronounced. 20.03.2014 · This is particularly true in the case of the mudbucker-equipped Gibson basses. Those guitars are, by most people's standards, not great sounding instruments. Further take into account that they're relatively fragile and frequently prone to have neck problems, and you've got the idea. The market certainly bears that out, as Fender basses of the same vintage are 3-4 times the price.

Gibson's first electric bass, and originally called the Gibson Electric Bass, but commonly referred to as the EB-1 after the introduction of the EB-2. Violin shaped mahogany body, carved top, painted-on "f" holes, alnico magnet pickup with poles closest to bridge, brown plastic pickup cover, barrel knobs, elevated pickguard, screw-in endpin and. Buy it now - Gibson EB-3L Electric Bass Guitar Used Add to Watch list. More to explore: Gibson Guitars & Basses, Gibson Guitar & Bass Accessories, Gibson Vintage Bass Guitars, Gibson Electric Bass Bass Guitars, Gibson Guitar & Bass Strings, EBS Guitar Amplifiers for Bass Amplifier, Gibson.

Gibson EB-3 SG Bass 1967 Cherry Red Vintage w/ case. Gibson EB-3 SG Bass 1967 Cherry Red Vintage w/ case. Product sold. Three Gibson EB3L bass guitars See more. Information about, and photographs of the Gibson Thunderbird IV electric bass guitar. Acoustic Bass Guitar Bass Guitars Electric Guitars Jazz Guitar Gibson Guitars Guitar Strings Music Guitar Guitar Pics Guitar Tabs. Review mpn:eb-3l for sale Guitar Eb-3l String Bass 4/1 974 Gibson Ohsc Elecric Vintage. I did not want to scratch it in any way. The case is missing the handle the bridge cover is missing the screws eb3 l it is the long scale bass. Any other question please ask. Its in great shape for the age. Thank for looking. The only alterration are 2. Epiphone EB-3 Electric Bass, Cherry This sweet set-neck bass boasts a mahogany body, Pau Ferro fretboard with trapezoid inlays, Sidewinder neck pickup and a biting mini-humbucker in the bridge.

Get the best prices on our Vintage Gibson Bass both in-store and online. Check us out and get FREE Shipping today! 26.10.2019 · Where can I plug in my serial number from my pre-Gibson bass to find out details about mfg. date, etc? Thanks! Terry Wright Terry Wright Music. 04.05.2016 · Man - I looked at the 2016 basses @and saw only one bass for this year, the $3,500.00 Memphis!!! It doesn't surprise me though; I've never seen a higher-end Gibson bass at a Gibson dealer music store; guitars yes, basses no. One would think that it would be a lot easier to sell a bass if someone could actually play it, look at it. The EB3 bass differed from the EB0 in having two pick-ups-the same Humbucker at the neck plus a smaller pick-up at the bridge and came with a varitone switch for four distinct tones - including an incredibly bassy choked neck-pickup sound, often referred to as 'mud' by EB3 fans and detractors alike.

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